UV protected components

Anodised aluminium tubing

Free flowing side arms.

Compact, neat and tidy

Ideal for balcony's where space comes at a premium

A clotheshorse that lasts

Why us

 Our primary goal is to offer a value for money product and service to our customers.

In order to achieve this goal we place careful consideration in the selection of our suppliers, and continuously look for ways to streamline our production and logistical processes with the aim of further improving customer satisfaction.

We further believe that by continuously striving to achieve this goal, success of the business will follow in which management, staff and our surrounding community can benefit.


 We offer two product lines, namely washlines and shelving, both distributed under the Foxy Foldaway banner.

Our washline range includes a clothes horse, foldaway washlines, T-Pole washlines, wall to wall washlines.

Our shelving range includes a standalone shelf and a foldaway shelf.



 We offer the following services

  • Installation
  • Delivery
  • Repairs & Maintenance

With our own vehicles and our partnership with Courier-It, we are able to offer a delivery service to any city within the borders of South Africa.

Export deliveries are accommodated, subject to a separate quotation for delivery.

We also offer an installation and repair service in most major cities in South Africa, this is subject to confirmation of your area.

Why order online

 It's the fastest and most efficient way to receive your order!


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