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Foldaway Washlines and Clothes Drying Racks manufactured in South Africa, designed to accommodate your space requirements.

Foxy Foldaway
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Foldaway Washline

Foldaway Washlines

Foldaway Clothes Drying Rack

Save Time

Drying your clothes on a Foxy Foldaway doesn’t require any active work. You can hang your clothes and let them dry, freeing up your time to do other things.

Value for Money

Our products are made from high-quality materials and made to last.

Save Electricity

Using a tumble dryer consumes a lot of electricity, especially if you use it frequently.
Drying your clothes on a Foxy Foldaway instead can help you save money.

Nationwide Delivery

Delivered to any destination in South Africa


55 Years

Silkfin Industrial

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25 Years

Foldaway Washlines

Providing High-Quality Foldaway Washlines to Customers for Over 25 Years

15 Years

Foldaway Clothes Drying Ra

5 years of Innovation in Clothes Drying-Racks