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3-in-1 Drying Power: Your Clothes Drying Rack for Fresh, Eco-Friendly Drying

The Foxy Foldaway clothes drying rack! With its sturdy construction and compact design, this drying rack is a practical solution for drying your clothes indoors. Say goodbye to damp laundry and hello to convenience. Get your Foxy Foldaway clothes drying rack today and enjoy hassle-free drying in no time.

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Transform the way you dry your clothes

The Foxy Foldaway clothes drying rack is the perfect solution for everyday use, especially during those rainy days when you still need to dry your daily washing.

It can be collapsed and put away when not needed, making it ideal for small outdoor spaces or for those who want to keep their indoor and outdoor area tidy.

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Loads of hanging space

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Clothes Rack Dryer
Easy to used rying rack

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Energy Efficient

Here are the benefits of using the Foxy Foldaway clothes drying rack:

  • Weatherproof so you can use it indoors or outdoors, regardless of the weather.
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor areas, our foldaway clothes rack dryer can be used in bathrooms, laundry areas, sitting rooms bedrooms, balconies and yards.
  • The modern design of our clothes rack dryer gives a neat, compact and aesthetically stylish finish, taking pride of place in your home.
  • Our foldaway clothes rack dryer is the ideal space-saving solution, easy to erect and fold out of the way under a bed or against the wall when done, without taking up precious floor and living space.
  • Provides hanging space along the lines and frame for your daily washing items including blouses and shirts, dresses, jeans and trousers, towels, socks and underwear.
  • Made from quality materials, the robust design makes it durable and long-lasting.

Assembly Instructions

Your Foxy Foldaway Clothes Drying Rack is supplied as a complete D.I.Y. kit – there is no need to go to your local hardware store to buy additional fittings.

Time Needed

Approximately 15 – 20 minutes

Required Tools

  • Allum key


  • Support Legs X 2
  • Crossbars X 2
  • Middle support X 1
  • Square tube support with line X 2
  • Brace X 2

Step 1 – LHS Alignment

The middle support can be identified by the black arrows displayed on the round tube in a horizontal position. Align this up with the horizontal arrow on the support legs. Secure to support legs by screwing in by approximately 5 mm. Leave some slack in the assembly to allow for proper alignment

Repeat the same for the two crossbars that have a black arrow in a vertical
position. These must be aligned with the vertical arrows on the support legs

Step 2RHS Alignment

Mirror the positioning of the tubing in step 1 and repeat the process to align the support legs on RHS. A reminder to leave some slack in the assembly to allow for proper alignment.

Step 3 – Square tubing alignment

Align the square tubes to the support legs by inserting the round tube section in the support legs. If you are having any difficulty, loosen the socket screws slightly to allow the frame to open up slightly. When the square tubes have been inserted on all four support legs, secure it by tightening the nut and bolt in each corner component.

Step 4Secure frame

To secure the frame repeat steps 1 – 2 until the the frame is stable.

Step 5 – Line Adjustment

During unpacking the line distribution may have become disjointed, distribute the line evenly across the square tube

Step 6 – Test functionality

To test your Foxy Clothes-Drying Rack, open the rack, and insert a brace as marked on the corner component on each side, this will tension the line and have the rack ready for use. To fold away, press one corner of the rack down and release the brace. Repeat on the opposite side. This will allow the rack to be folded away.

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