Foldaway Washlines / Clotheslines

Our range of foldaway washlines extends to 12 different sizes to accommodate different spacing requirements.

Some of the important features of the Foxy Foldaway washline are as follows:


Free-flowing side arms are easy to use and strong enough to hold a distributed weight of up to three loads of washing (size dependant).


Our range covers both indoor and outdoor areas, such as laundry drying yards, balconies and bathrooms.


The aluminium structure and stainless steel fittings ensure a rust-free drying environment.


The modern design gives a neat compact finish when folded up or down.


Carefully designed to be strong and aesthetically attractive.


UV resistant components are durable and easily replaced.

How to go about ordering your foldaway washline

Measure how much space you have from the wall, i.e. the Width

This would be the distance from the wall when in an upright position.

Options are:
0.6 m – 6 lines
0.75 m – 8 lines
1 m – 10 lines
1.2 m – 12 lines

Measure how much space you have against the wall, ie. the Length.

This would be the distance from left to right against the wall.

We supply the following pre-cut lengths:
1.5 m
2.0 m
2.5 m

Identify the model that best fits your available space

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