Foldaway Washlines Installation Instructions

Assemble frame

Assemble the washline frame by inserting the round tubes into the corner components of the side arm. Stabilise the frame by tightening the screws in each corner component.

Establish height

Established where you want to position your washline. At a height of approximately 1.8 m, at the rightmost point, drill a 6 mm pilot hole. Insert wall plug into the hole and secure round base socket to the wall through the centre pilot hole.

To obtain the best possible wall plug grip, follow the Fischer guidelines indicated in the diagram below:

Position RHS

Mount the RHS of the washline frame so that the frame hangs loosely from the round base socket.

Position LHS

Lift washline until in a level position, while maintaining this position, mark drilling point for LHS round base socket. Drill, insert wall plug and secure round base socket to the wall. Lift washline frame and locate to wall.

Secure top level

Insert split pins on both LHS & RHS to secure and complete the pivot.

Secure support arms

Lift one sidearm to a level position, mark, drill and secure round socket to the wall. Repeat on other side ensuring a level frame is maintained.

Line up

Release sidearms, and while the washline is in a down position, line up from top to bottom. To tighten repeat from top to bottom by pulling each line down.

Foldaway Washline Operating Instructions

Folding Up

To use washline, lift one sidearm and locate the round support arm with ball joint into the ball socket, pressing down to lock. Repeat on the opposite side. The washline is now ready for use.

Folding Down

To fold down, lift either the front LHS or RHS upwards to dislocate the round support arm from the socket joint. Repeat on the opposite side and allow frame to fold down

Laundry Tips
  • Hang lighter items in the front of the washline and heavier items towards the back.
  • If a larger drying gap is required skip a line when hanging washing.
  • Use pegs to minimise creasing
  • If you have purchased a Foxy 120, you can use the middle bar for heavier laundry items.

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