Foldaway Washlines

Rust free foldaway washlines in a range of sizes to fit your space requirements

  • EASY TO USE – Free moving side arms are easy to use, lock in place with ball and socket joint, pop out to fold down.
  • VERSATILE – Our range covers both indoor and outdoor areas, such as laundry drying yards, balconies and bathrooms.
  • RUST FREE – The aluminium structure and stainless steel fittings ensure a rust-free drying environment
  • NEAT – The modern design gives a neat compact finish when folded up or down
  • STYLISH – Carefully designed to be strong and aesthetically
  • attractive
  • DURABLE – UV resistant components are durable and easily replaced

DIY or Installed

All our washlines are supplied standard as a complete DIY kit. Installation is easy and can be completed in 30 – 45 minutes.

Installation Service

With our network of installers, we are able to offer an installation service, subject to confirmation of your area.
Contact Us to find out if your area is covered.

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